Work With Murray

My approach is collaborative, and results focused. Strategy, while critically important, is of little value without effective tactics and flawless execution.


If your team cannot understand and embrace your strategy, it will gather dust and make future planning difficult and often ineffective. That is why I will always spend more time and effort on making sure we all “get stuff done.”


My job is to keep you and your team focused on forward momentum while delivering results. Marketing departments can keep themselves busy. And busy is often conflated with productive. Busy marketers are not always productive marketers. I can help your team of busy marketers become productive marketers.


Every organization has different needs and therefore, each solution must be bespoke. My goal is to take my experience and craft customized solutions for you and your firm.


I welcome an initial fact-finding discussion with you at no charge. If you are ready to see your firm’s marketing efforts deliver on its promise, please use my CALENDLY LINK to set up initial one hour meeting or, if you prefer, call me directly at 312.855.2067 or my mobile 312.592.0423 Let’s talk.