Executive & Leadership Coaching for High Potential Team Members

Law firm marketing departments are often home to high potential leaders.

Invest in your team and they will invest in you

  • But most firms do not formally develop these individuals and they often leave for other jobs promising more pay, opportunity, and professional development. As a result, firms lose top performers with significant institutional knowledge, often just as they are becoming the most effective at their jobs.
  • And of course, the laborious process of recruiting, training, and integrating a new team member can drain your management team’s resources. The pay issue is often the easiest to address and can be solved through comp adjustments, but if there is no parallel commitment to opportunity and professional growth, the top performers will eventually leave.
  • We have helped many top performers see their potential, find their strengths, and grow in ways they never thought possible. Let me work with your top team members one-on-one and help them become the most successful professionals they can be. This investment will demonstrate to your team that the firm values them.