Strategic Planning & Facilitation

Most professional services organizations grow initially around a specific offering and group of early dedicated partners.

Plan for sustained growth

  • As the organization grows, it often finds itself at an inflection point. Will it continue to grow? How will it do so while staying true to the original mission? Does the firm need to merge with another complementary firm or possibly bring in a strong lateral practice? Or does the firm need to follow a more organic growth trajectory? Is the offering that helped fuel the firm’s growth going to do so in the future? Has the market shifted, and the firm now needs to pivot to stay relevant?
  • Likely it is a combination of all the above. I will work with you and your partners to think through the future direction of the firm and then help craft a set of tactics to make the vision become a reality. Where possible, I will remain involved as the new strategy is rolled out and help the in-house team succeed in goal setting and execution.
  • These are questions founders and partners struggle with as their organizations mature. In my experience, the answers are almost always found from those who are currently these organizations’ biggest stakeholders. This may be the current executive board members, “friends of the firm”, clients and/or targets.