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Marketing Department Audit & Organizational Assessment

Law Firm Marketing departments often suffer from a lack of consistent and clear leadership.

Help your team stay focused on true priorities

  • In many cases, marketers have no senior manager dedicated to running the team. The marketing team is often faced with punishing deadlines and competing priorities. Additionally, the partners generally do not understand what the team, if properly led and organized, can produce for the firm. I have built marketing departments from the ground up, rebuilt teams that were faltering and created structures for accountability that helped the marketing team, and the partners, achieve the results they desired.
  • Our approach starts with partner, stakeholder, and marketing staff interviews.
    • Next, we will develop a confidential report, including a summary and analysis of the stakeholder interviews, individual strengths assessments for each marketing team member.
    • Followed by a tangible set of recommendations for immediate next steps and specific KPI’s for the team to keep them focused.
    • We will also review and edit existing position descriptions for clarity around job expectations.
  • If needed, we will work on site with the marketing team as the new priorities and organizational structure are implemented.