Quick Case Study: Strategic Planning and Facilitation

The new CEO of a 75-year-old global nonprofit hired us to help her rethink how the organization would move forward with a renewed sense of purpose while maintaining its strong and highly regarded reputation. We worked directly with the CEO, the board of directors and professional staff, the majority of whom were new to the organization, to reimagine the organization’s future. We created a series of surveys followed by intensive in-person meetings to help the organization focus and reach key insights about how this beloved institution could move forward and expand its mission, while maintaining the most powerful and enduring aspects of its brand.


After reviewing all the input gathered during the discovery process, we developed a set of focused messages about the next phase for the organization. These findings were presented to the CEO, the board of directors and professional staff resulting in a near unanimous vote of confidence and support for the renewal of this storied organization. Based on these recommendations, we worked with the CEO, her team and a brand and design consultant to develop a more appealing brand message that better resonated with existing members and donors and potential donors and new members, as well as improved the organization’s overall identity and design.