Quick Case Study: Fractional CMO

A high-performance law firm representing numerous Fortune 50 clients had a marketing and business development strategy that was not keeping up with their growing capabilities. In addition, the firm’s external communications tools and efforts did not reflect the level of sophistication the firm had attained since its founding.

We were brought in to revitalize the firm’s external brand and communications tools as well as update the approach to their business development efforts. The firm had recently recruited a number of sector-leading partners which added significant depth to the firm’s ability to serve its clients in multiple areas of the law. The firm wanted to find ways to both effectively integrate the new partners while simultaneously identifying opportunities to grow client relationships based on the new capabilities these partners brought to the firm. Additionally, despite having committed a substantial up-front payment, the firm’s website redevelopment effort had languished for well over six months with no discernable progress and was turned over to us for reengagement.


We immediately assembled a tight team of designers, developers, and copywriters and within 90 days, the firm had a new website, a new set of images for use in online and other marketing efforts and a completely new, industry standard website management interface allowing the firm to manage all content using internal resources. The firm immediately saw an improvement in its website’s performance. We helped the firm create a simple, recurring set of meetings during which the new partners and established partners openly identified new business efforts, client insights and general updates on current work and plans for nurturing the client relationships. Within the first 90 days of the business development meetings, the firm was able to retain new, substantial clients and coordinate more effective, synchronized client service efforts. We continue to provide ongoing consulting services to our client on a monthly retainer.