Quick Case Study: Client Listening

An AmLaw 100 firm needed to assess how their clients viewed the firm. The firm had a growing base of blue-chip clients from around the world, yet the volume of work being done for these clients was static. The firm’s leadership was frustrated by their inability to convert this client base into larger, more complex, and profitable matters despite seemingly great but anecdotal reviews from their clients.

We suggested to the Managing Partner that he engage in a series of highly strategic face-to-face client interviews. We designed and guided the client interview program conducted by the firm’s Managing Partner. We developed a set of questions designed to elicit an expansive response from the clients. In addition, we created a set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) we tracked to determine the value these conversations were delivering to the firm.


We were able to track significant, positive impact for the firm clients with whom the Managing Partner met. The clients showed notable improvement in each element of the KPIs we measured. These results were shared with the partners during every quarterly meeting and at the annual retreat. Additionally, through the client meetings, the Managing Partner was able to gather critical competitive intelligence on what the firm’s competitors and other complementary service providers were doing that was, from the client’s perspective, delivering better value. The Managing Partner told us and his partners that “The client interview program is one of the most important efforts I undertake as your managing partner to support the growth of the firm and our client base.”