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Transform An Underperforming Marketing Department In Less Than Six Months


A rapidly expanding mid-sized law firm in New York realized the need to overhaul its marketing function. The existing marketing department was operating like a “deli counter,” only responding to partner requests without a proactive approach.


  • The marketing department was understaffed and lacked experienced personnel.
  • The department operated without clear direction or proactive strategies.
  • The firm required a more strategic and integrated marketing approach to support its growth.

Our Approach

Assessment and Evaluation

Conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the marketing department. Met with practice leads and firm management to understand their needs and expectations. Identified the current state of the department and defined the ideal future state.

Recommendations and Planning

Developed a set of recommendations for the future state of the marketing department. Created a detailed position description for a new role: Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer (upgraded from Director).

Recruitment and Selection

Collaborated with the firm’s recruiting department to identify, evaluate, and interview potential candidates. Reviewed dozens of resumes, conducted interviews with 15 candidates, and narrowed the pool down to three finalists. Assisted in the hiring process of the final candidate.

Implementation and Transition

Supported the transition to new leadership, helping the incoming Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer identify gaps and establish processes and procedures. Launched multiple programs to support the firm’s growth, including:

  • Relaunching the media relations program.
  • Initiating monthly marketing meetings with all lawyers.
  • Enhancing internal communications from the managing partner to align with the firm’s overall direction.

Personal Involvement

During this period, Murray Coffey managed the marketing department and worked directly with partners and management. His efforts significantly increased the firm’s market visibility and business development success.


  • Credibility: The credibility of the marketing department was immediately elevated.
  • Proactivity: The team learned to understand the firm’s practices and clients better, creating a more proactive environment.
  • Leadership: The new leader was set up for success, with ongoing support to ensure continuous improvement.


We continue to provide spot consulting services to this firm, and we are pleased to report that the marketing department is flourishing under its new leadership.

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