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Business Issue

A marketing department team member was hired to take on an entirely new function with the firm. This new team member was hired based on her high potential but had a limited track record managing new initiatives. This new function was highly visible to the partners and firm alumni and required the coordinated efforts of several other departments at the firm. The new staff member had only worked in local offices of national firms and executed at the direction of others and had relatively limited experience in crafting new programs and solutions. She had all the elements she needed to be successful and could do so if she were properly coached.

We worked together developing the farmwork for the new offering focusing on her thoughts on how best to proceed. We helped her gain confidence in her abilities and skills, and we worked at developing her strengths at every opportunity. Her existing executive presence was respectful and highly responsive. We helped her further develop an executive presence that allowed her to lead while utilizing her existing set of skills. We worked with her to develop her professional and business writing skills to help her position her ideas and recommendations in ways that would elicit support from the partners and firm management.


The new function was launched with great support from the firm. We made sure she was the focus of the positive feedback of the partners and management. She was seen as a rising leader in the firm, and she defined a new way forward for the firm and its alumni relations resulting in a net increase in engagement and in some cases, new business. She continues to lead this function with a newly organized team that provides expanded offerings and deliverables. We are so proud of all she has accomplished.